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For Plaintiffs

Insurance companies hate legal funding. It’s a common insurance tactic to force people to wait out the process. By dragging out the claims process, an insurance company can efficiently starve you into accepting their low-ball settlement.

Legal funding is a way to fight back against this insurance tactic.

Legal funding is a way to get the most value out of your case.

Legal funding also helps you get on with your life. Your bills don’t stop just because you’ve been hurt.

By using legal funding and paying your bills, you can often times save and build your credit score. While you do NOT need a credit score to qualify for OKLO financing, your credit cards and other bills rely upon your credit score. Missing those payments will drag down your credit score. This is where OKLO can help.

Most banks will not make these types of guarantees and most banks will not provide legal funding. OKLO Financial will provide the funding for your case that most banks will not. We are experts in the legal arena, and we know how to calculate and analyze risk. We can say yes, when others say no.

How It Works

It’s very simple, you win your case, or you don’t pay us back.

We typically loan 5%-10% of the anticipated value of your case.

You fill out the simple application.

We then contact your attorney and obtain additional documents from your attorney. The faster we get your documents from your attorney, the faster we can get you your cash.

After we receive all the documents from your attorney and make our approval, we will guarantee you cash availability within 24 hours.

If you do not have an attorney, we can direct you to your state bar, where you will find many competent and qualified attorneys to assist you.

Upon approval of your liability decision, and appropriate incurred medical bills, we can provide a reasonable amount of funding that can be used to purchase a replacement vehicle or help with any other type of living expense.

We understand that after a total loss, the most common challenge is that you do not have a vehicle. We can help with this and any other living expense that you may have.

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