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For Attorneys

We are experts in personal injury and can talk to you about your client's case in an efficient and time-saving manner. 

We will get you the funding to allow you time to work on your client's case, thus maximizing the value of their claim.

You may also advertise that you have a source of legal funding for your clients. So, if your clients need money quickly, you can provide that money, ahead of the settlement. This is a powerful and attractive advertising tool for many clients.

Finally, our advances help with immediate client needs, like transportation and living costs. 

For example, upon approval of your clients liability decision, and appropriate incurred medical bills, we can provide a reasonable amount of funding that can be used to purchase a replacement vehicle. 

Without a replacement vehicle, clients cannot get back to work. Worse, from an attorney's perspective, is that without a vehicle, a client cannot obtain the necessary treatment for their injuries, thus severely diminishing the value of their claim.

We understand that after a total loss, the most common property damage complaint is that the client does not have a vehicle. We can help with this and with the various needs of a client's personal injury case.

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