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About Us

OKLO Financial is a legal funding company that provides cash advances to persons involved in car accidents and other injury type cases. If you’ve been hurt, you can’t always wait for your case to settle. That may take months or even years.

With OKLO Financial, you get your money right away.

Missing rent can result in additional fees from your landlord or bank, or even an eviction. Missing utility payments can result in losing your utilities. You need money to live and meet your obligations, and your injuries are preventing you from making a living.

However, even if you are not employed, and you’ve been hurt in an accident, you can still qualify for OKLO Financial legal funding. Our free application and open funding process allows anyone to apply and qualify for legal funding.


You do not need a job or a paycheck.

You do not need a car title.

You only need to have been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault and have hired an attorney.

The best part? There are no out of pocket expenses to you, and you only pay us back if you win your case.

OKLO Financial is comprised of legal professionals that understand the legal process, and we can give you a fair and fast assessment of the value of your case.

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