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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Car Accidents On The Rise

Despite cars being safer and better designed, car accident deaths are still rising in the US.

In 2015, car accidents deaths rose sharply.

In 2016, they rose again.

Finally, 2017 demonstrated another increase.

There are many speculative reasons as to why the increase in fatalities are occurring, despite all the advances in technology and design. Among many possible reasons, an increase in distractions, such as cell phone usage while driving.

AT OKLO Financial, we understand that a car accident, especially a catastrophic one involving a death or severe injury, can bring hardship and pain to your family.  That’s why we would like to remind you to be safe when you are driving.  We can assure you that the text message can wait. When we review legal funding applications, we see too many instances where the reckless driver was texting. Social media, texting, and distractions can all wait. The danger and potential loss of life just isn’t worth it.

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